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The real life stories website is about real people. Each one has an inspiring and exciting life story to share. Some of the stories may sound relatively ordinary, others are quite dramatic. But in every case there is a very supernatural element leading to a complete change in direction and a more fulfilled life. 

There are some very recognisable names and faces – celebrities, sportsmen, musicians etc, but there are also many ordinary people living ordinary lives out of the media spotlight. All of these people have discovered that there is a God who loves them. In many cases this discovery has come at a time of crisis, but sometimes it has just happened when life seemed to be pretty normal. In every case, these people have realised that God loves us as individuals and cares about our unique circumstances. 

We do hope that you will find these inspirational stories helpful. If we can help you further, please get in touch. There is a free booklet available explaining what it is to be a Christian – just leave your details HERE and we will send it to you free of charge.


Real Life Stories online is non-denominational and our foundation of faith and belief is the Nicene Creed.

In the majority of cases we are happy for churches and Christian organisations to use the articles and stories from this website. Please contact us first as some stories may be subject to copyright from freelance contributors. In every case please make mention of reallifestories.org


Our Vision

The vision of reallifestories.org is simply to share the great news of Jesus Christ with the world. This website will also soon be available in Mandarin and Spanish so that the three major world languages will be covered.



Ralph Burden, Managing Editor                                             email: ralph@reallifestories.org
Dave Fiddy, Sub Editor                                                          email:  dave@reallifestories.org
Charles Gardner, Writer                                                         email: charles@reallifestories.org


Chris Sims, Web Developer                                                   Ian Buck, Marketing Advisor     



The Real Life Stories website follows the legacy of Real Life magazine, a full-colour magazine started by Ralph Burden and Ian Buck and published between 2006 and 2008 by Christian Life Resources (CLR). CLR distributed the magazine in the UK and parts of Europe. Publishing many thousands of glossy magazines and then giving them out free was a very expensive business and the publishing company was an unfortunate victim of the ‘credit crunch’ and subsequent economic downturn. However, the initial disappointment has been eclipsed by a new and bigger vision. Our original vision was to eventually get a magazine into every UK home twice a year. That was a big vision and would have required a budget of millions as there are 25 million homes in the UK and the magazine was delivered to thousands, but not millions due to limited resources. However, due to the web format the goal is much closer.  With over 22 million having internet access, 88% of the UK population can now be reached via this website. But that is not all.


World Vision

Secondly and crucially, the web format reaches so much further afield than a magazine could possibly hope to do.  The website can be seen across the planet wherever there is internet access. 51% of the world’s population (3.8 billion people) now have internet access and are therefore able to view the Real Life Stories website. It seems that God’s plan for Real Life Stories was always that it should be for the world. Since 2015 the hosting has remained UK based but editorial management is now in New Zealand, literally on the other side of the globe, making reallifestories.org a truly global website.

The progress of reallifestories has far outgrown early expectations due to the web format. With lower financial requirements, reallifestories.org soon had more readers every month than the costly printed magazine was able to reach during a whole year just a decade ago. The European vision has become a worldwide vision. 

Please share the news of this website so that more people can be made aware of the good news. You don’t need to be a bold, confident evangelist, sharing a weblink is a way that anyone can share God’s love. 

Samples of the original published magazine can still be viewed via the links below.

view a copy of Real Life Magazine:  Real Life Magazine issue 1
view a copy of Real Life Magazine:  Real Life Magazine issue 2



1. CLR magazine and radio staff 2008; L to R: Ralph, Simon, Ian, Lance, Angie.  

2 & 3: Copies of Real Life Magazine and articles

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